Language & Literacy

Story Tellers & Community Learning

Story Tellers

Story Tellers works in partnership with local primary schools to provide a space for children and their parents and carers to build confidence in their literacy skills. In a friendly and relaxed environment, children and parents/carers take part in different ‘story corners’ in which they share a story through a book, craft or educational activity.

By taking part in these story corners at a pace that suits each child and adult, families are provided with tools to:

  • Boost confidence in their reading and writing skills
  • Grow in confidence in using phonics skills
  • Develop a love for reading together
  • Spend one on one family time together

Not only do the children benefit, but the parents and carers are able to engage in their child’s learning and literacy skills, making the connection between home and school even stronger. The power of sharing a story together significantly boosts literacy skills, but it goes beyond that, resulting in children’s wellbeing and social mobility being rapidly enhanced.

One of our partnering schools estimates that 60% of their parents have literacy levels below that of an average 10-year-old. These challenges are enormous barriers to employment and play a key role in the persistent inter-generational poverty that Flourishing Families is seeking to overcome. Story Tellers makes a real difference for both children and adults.

Community Learning

We also offer tailored support for adults. This includes English classes for adults learning English as a second language. Language barriers can be one of the most isolating challenges people face, so Flourishing Families aims to combat this challenge by giving opportunities for people to achieve their next level of fluency in their spoken and written language.

We also offer literacy support for adults through the format of informal lessons and book clubs. Susan joined one of these groups and told us:

‘I never thought in a million years that anyone would get through my barriers when it comes to reading. But coming along to the group has made me feel encouraged in my reading instead of humiliated or insecure. It’s helped me grow in my confidence with reading. It’s fun and relaxed and we have a laugh. Even if you get things wrong, it’s OK cos that’s how you learn. I can’t believe you’ve turned me into a bookworm now! Me and my daughter have been to the bookshop together and we keep coming back with more stories to read!’