Family Cookery

Our Cookery Clubs equip families to make long lasting changes in their diets by teaching foundational cooking skills and nutrition.

This develops resilience against food poverty, poor diet and childhood obesity. Our groups are often run in partnership with local primary schools, where parents or carers are invited to join their child for a series of friendly and fun sessions. The emphasis is on improving confidence to cook from scratch and providing families with the skills and tools they need to repeat this at home, enabling long-term change in family diets.

Our sessions include an engaging 6 week nutritional education programme, based around the NHS Eatwell Guide and we also incorporate food budgeting and meal planning.

Each family pays just £1 per session and leaves with a nutritious meal for the whole family. We often include fun and healthy snacks for the children to make as well. Flourishing Families provide all the equipment, fresh ingredients and recipes for each session.

Our recipes are healthy, simple to follow, economical and easy to repeat at home.

I’m really impressed with how much thought has gone into making each recipe healthy. There’s nothing faddy, it’s just a brilliant example to my son of what a healthy and tasty meal should be and he’s tried loads of new foods as a result.

I now have a folder of all the recipes at home. We use it every night. This has changed what we eat massively.

The cookery club has been so good for us as a family. We look forward to a truly special couple of hours each week.

Download our recipe cards to cook nutritious food for the whole family